Monday, December 10, 2018

Houston Academy's Computer Science Students: In Their Own Words

Computer Science by Lluvia A.
Drawing our Apps

Mrs. Nelson wanted everybody to come up with an app that would help people. My partner and I drew a picture of what our app would look like. We created an app that would help people know when to water their plants.

I learned many interesting things in Computer Science. I learned how to put pictures in my website. I learned to make paragraphs and how to end my website using HTML. I learned how a computer works and more. I learned many things in this class.

I made my website so people could learn more about me. They could read about what are my favorite hobbies, what I like, what's my idea of fun is,...etc.

Also, when people look at my website they would get to know me. I am experimenting on how to make a website. This is the website that I created with my others co-workers.I hope you enjoyed this report.

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