Saturday, November 3, 2018

Unplugged Warm Ups

Students showing what they know about HTML Tags in our daily unplugged warm up.  Everyday as a new HTML tags are introduced to students in their lessons we add them to our warm ups. 
Students record their warm ups in their process/reflection journals as they walk in the door. As a class, students come up to the board and either write the code that would create the preview provided to them or they read the code and create the preview. 

Students have learned the paragraph tag (<p>), heading tags (<h1>,<h2>,<h3>,<h4>,<h5>,<h6>) ordered list (<ol>), unordered list (<ul>), and list item (<li>). We have just started exploring the image tag (<img/>). Students are learning to use the creative commons and read the licenses that each photo carries.  Students will begin taking all the various HTML elements to create their own websites.

Lots of Apps

Middle school students at Lewis finished out unit one with the proposal of an app that would solve a real world problem. Students worked in pairs to develop what the inputs and outputs would be as well as what kind of processing the app would use and how it would store information. Students share with the class and where given the opportunity to answer questions from their peers.

This week in MS Computer Science (October 22nd- October 31st)

CS at Mead Middle School -
James McLaurin

We are finishing up with “Clean Code and Debugging”

Some students are moving ahead and creating their third and final page of their three-page website with hyperlinks.
CS at Lewis Middle School -
Samantha Sears

Student at Lewis Middle School are working to create web pages to show off the things they are interested in. They are learning about various HTML tags that allow them to manipulate the content on their web page. This week we finished working on using the heading tags, the ordered list tag, un-ordered list tag as well as starting to insert images into the web page.


CS at Stovall Middle School -
Matthew D’Camp & Michael Lovely
Students have started using Google’s CS First curriculum. Students have had success and more importantly - educational failures. Students have been learning important lessons about not giving up and teamwork. Students have also made races using the Scratch coding system. Please enjoy our videos:

CS at Hambrick MS
Bianca Honore’

Students have been working hard learning about how their digital footprints can leave a dangerous trail on the internet. Students have also been learning how important it is to be safe on social media by being little “stalkers”!  Our Hawks have started learning how to enter bulleted and numbered “lists” into an HTML web page using HTML tags.

Dywaine Robinson (Coach)
Students have been communicating and collaborating to create their very own animations based on Magnet topics.