Thursday, October 25, 2018

Student makes my day!!!

Stovall Middle Student handed me a note today and this is what it said:

"I like computer science because we never do something boring, we always learn something new in this class also I like that we just work on the computer."

Life after the burial of dead devices

Stovall Middle School Coding students eagerly work on activities after our new Chromebooks arrived and now all students can work on their assignments.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Our First Webpage: Learning to Create List

Students helping, sharing, teacher each other and learning how to create list for their web-page.  

Students are introduced to ordered and unordered lists in HTML and work through a few levels in which they use the <ul>, <ol>, and <li> tags.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Let's get Ready for #DayoftheGirl

Join the Movement to Celebrate #Sisterhood

On October 11th – International Day of the Girl – Girls Who Code is galvanizing girls, women and
allies to show the world the power of modern sisterhood.

Girls Who Code is partnering with artists, coders, activists and incredible talent to launch a full digital
album of videos inspiring girls to stand up, speak out, and support one another.

They want to partner with all of us, too! Let's create a wave of positivity and support celebrating girl
change-makers all over the world by raising your hand for sisterhood.

Here is how...
  1. WRITE on your hand(s) how you support sisterhood and activism with an issue that you’re passionate about
  2. SNAP: take a picture or video for your social channel(s)
  3. SHARE: on October 11th your picture on social media with #sisterhood, tag @girlswhocode and tag your friends who you want to participate

Don't forget to share with your students!
All girls are invited to participate!
In short:
When: October 11th, 2018 – International Day of the Girl
Why: Show the world the power of sisterhood
How: Write your cause on your hand. Snap your pic. Share with friends
Hashtag: #sisterhood #dayofthegirl

Tag @aldineSTEM and @SVicGlass as well so we can capture this within our district!

Need additional ideas? Looking for the right words to say? Check out this #Sisterhood Toolkit made
by GirlsWhoCode.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Believe It Or Not, Computer Science Can Help You Solve Your Problems (Without A Computer)

Computer Science at Plummer Middle School, students worked in groups to design aluminum foil boats that will support as many pennies as possible. At the end of the lesson, groups reflect on their experiences with the activity and make connections how to solve problems working together.  YES, our boats floated!!


Sunday, October 7, 2018

Aldine MS Computer Science Students - Branching Out and Digging Deep

The amazing 6th graders of Aldine Middle School have completed "Unit 1 - Problem Solving" and are diving into Web Development. As a Computer Science educator, I am absolutely impressed with the CS Discoveries curriculum. My students are engaged and now realize that ANYONE CAN CODE!! Just check out our video below.

To learn more about the curriculum, visit In addition, be sure to follow me on Twitter: tarawroy, for all the latest AMS Computer Science adventures!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Updates on Computer Science from

Here’s what’s happening this month:
  • Live updates for Artist projects – connect CS and math! 
  • New inspirational video (in Spanish!)
  • Awards celebrating CS
  • Syncing up – PowerSchool, Google Classroom, and Clever
  • The Hour of Code is coming
  • Help us improve the accessibility of our courses
  • Stay connected
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New: live updates for Artist projects - connect CS and math! 

Want to keep exploring geometry with Artist outside of the course? Our Artist project space now updates in real time! We’ve launched a new feature on Artist that will immediately display the result of student code, without even clicking run. Students can still run their code to watch the artist trace the path, but this real-time feedback allows students to debug and refine their programs more quickly.
This tool can help you integrate computer science into the math concepts you are teaching. Angles and shapes come alive as students play with them in real time!

Here are some Artist challenges for your students!:
  • How can you draw a shape with the fewest lines of code?
  • How could you change your square to a rectangle or a rhombus? Is it possible to make a square bigger with just one change to your code?
  • How would you change a square into a hexagon? What happens to the angles when you do that?

New inspirational video (in Spanish!) was launched in 2013 from a video that asked why schools don't teach CS. We are so excited to announce that we've released a new video—this time, featuring Spanish-speaking leaders and superstars, including Shakira, Neymar, Sergio Ramos, the presidents of Chile, Argentina, and Colombia, along with dozens of other supporters of CS education.
Watch and share: YouTube - Facebook - Twitter
(turn on subtitles to see the English translations)

Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you can play this video in your classroom to highlight the global momentum and engage all your students in learning a new skill. Or, send it home to parents in your classroom as part of introducing the work you are doing with your students.

Awards celebrating CS

2018 Champions of CS Award
In celebration of the 2018 Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek), the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) and are pleased to announce the 2nd annual Champions of Computer Science Awards.

Know of someone who has achieved something outstanding in computer science education this past year? Tell us about it! Nominate a 2018 Champion of Computer Science, whether it’s a student, teacher, school, district, after-school club, organization, etc. Deadline for nominations is November 2.
CSTA Administrator Impact Award
Speaking of nominations, there’s still time to submit a nominee for CSTA’s Administrator Impact Award for an administrator that is making a significant impact in improving access to, and the quality of, computer science education. Nominations are due October 12, so submit yours today!

Syncing up – Powerschool, Google Classroom, and Clever

Did you know that links to a bunch of popular student portals? To learn more about how to sync your section with a Google Classroom or Clever section, check out this support article. If you want to learn more about how create a account with your Powerschool login, you can find detailed instructions here.

Hour of Code is coming! Are you ready?

The #HourOfCode is highlighting creativity this year.

So what does that have to do with our founder, Hadi, doing the floss dance with his daughter Sofia? Stay tuned to find out :)

Is your class doing the Hour of Code for CS Education Week (December 3-9)? We predict that this year’s Hour of Code will be our biggest one yet and we want YOU to join us. We also want to hear your tips, tricks and advice for anyone who hasn’t hosted an Hour of Code before. What should newbies know to make their event fun and successful for everyone? Let us know here and your responses may be featured in an upcoming blog post! 

Register your event, and stay tuned for more details about this year’s theme: creativity!

You won’t want to miss it. 

Help us improve the accessibility of our courses! 

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In addition, the forum is a great place to search for resources, post your questions, and stay connected with the national community of educators.

This post is from the NEW Monthly Newsletter. 

Unit 1 Project "Propose An App

Students showcase their posters of their apps that were created using the "Problem 
Solving Process (PSP). Student ideas ranged from solving world problems, to solving problems in the classroom. (Examples: How to stop swivel chairs from moving; How to help less fortunate people in the world; How to help students with homework, etc.

Computer Science Mead Middle School

Student Products Project - Propose an App

Unit 1 Lesson 8 - Project - Propose an App

Student Products:



Itś a wonderful day at The Brick!! Itś always an amazing moment in a teacherś day when they see the Aha moment in their students' eyes! My kids are finally understanding the importance of HTML tags in their web page appearances!!

Computer Science Input - Output

Everyone gets hungry right before lunch time so that’s our problem.
In order to solve it we must eat something.

INPUT -  for lunch we eat a footlong turkey sandwich and a large OJ

STORAGE - our food is stored in our stomachs before

PROCESS -  we digest our food and absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals

OUTPUT - after we eat lunch we now have energy for PE,
Math or science class.

Students learning the Problem Solving Process

My students working together, to learn the problem-solving process, They really liked the Birthday Guests, when they had to sit the students in seats without people getting mad at each other. They were awesome!

They Are Getting It

Great Day, Thursday, 10-04-18,  when a student tells you that I'm working on my assignments at home and I finally understand HTML, then another students tells you the same day, "I understand headings" now.