Monday, December 10, 2018

Hour of Code was Amazing--What's NEXT?

December 3-7, 2018 is CS Education Week when millions of students are introduced to computer science activities through Hour of Code events. This is also the time when teachers reflect on how coding can be incorporated into their lessons.

CS Fundamentals course is a one-day workshop designed for elementary teachers to receive professional development on integrating computer science into their lessons. Teachers attending the workshop will receive an introduction to computer science and pedagogy, a printed curriculum guide containing course lesson plans, and a bag of swag.

RUSMP is excited to announce that we have scheduled CS Fundamentals workshops for January 26, 2019 and February 23, 2019 at Garden Oaks Montessori Magnet School. Due to generous support from, there is no cost for elementary teachers to attend these workshops. This is a great opportunity for you and other teachers at your school to enhance your knowledge of computer science education.

For more information and registration links for these workshops, visit

If you have any questions concerning these workshops, please contact us.

Houston Academy's Computer Science Students: In Their Own Words

Name  Christopher D.

Date  11/14/18

Class    4b

My Completed and Favorite Lessons

This is not really one of my favorite lesson but its a lesson I completed:
Fun fact: I'm the one that put going to school as one of my problems.

Here's another lesson that I completed but I did enjoy it:
Basically, in this lesson, we had organized the groups into computers and non-computers
After that lesson, we found out that computers are things that can input, process, store, and output
This lesson was difficult.

Houston Academy's Computer Science Students: In Their Own Words

Computer Science
Rashad A.
Out of all the activities I like the one where you can create your own app.
I like it because we got to think and draw. My partner and  I decided
to do a speaking/translation app.  My partner wasn’t really there
a lot but she came up with  the idea of this and I drew it.  I like how it
turn out and here it is.

Houston Academy's Computer Science Students: In Their Own Words

Computer Science by Lluvia A.
Drawing our Apps

Mrs. Nelson wanted everybody to come up with an app that would help people. My partner and I drew a picture of what our app would look like. We created an app that would help people know when to water their plants.

I learned many interesting things in Computer Science. I learned how to put pictures in my website. I learned to make paragraphs and how to end my website using HTML. I learned how a computer works and more. I learned many things in this class.

I made my website so people could learn more about me. They could read about what are my favorite hobbies, what I like, what's my idea of fun is,...etc.

Also, when people look at my website they would get to know me. I am experimenting on how to make a website. This is the website that I created with my others co-workers.I hope you enjoyed this report.

Student Created Website

Students have started building their own websites. This student had completed the basic requirements and adding some finishing touches to her website. Take a look at what she has so far.

As Students complete their websites they will have the opportunity to design for a campus club or organization or a teacher who has a small business. This will allow the student to obtain real world practice is working with a client.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Unplugged Warm Ups

Students showing what they know about HTML Tags in our daily unplugged warm up.  Everyday as a new HTML tags are introduced to students in their lessons we add them to our warm ups. 
Students record their warm ups in their process/reflection journals as they walk in the door. As a class, students come up to the board and either write the code that would create the preview provided to them or they read the code and create the preview. 

Students have learned the paragraph tag (<p>), heading tags (<h1>,<h2>,<h3>,<h4>,<h5>,<h6>) ordered list (<ol>), unordered list (<ul>), and list item (<li>). We have just started exploring the image tag (<img/>). Students are learning to use the creative commons and read the licenses that each photo carries.  Students will begin taking all the various HTML elements to create their own websites.

Lots of Apps

Middle school students at Lewis finished out unit one with the proposal of an app that would solve a real world problem. Students worked in pairs to develop what the inputs and outputs would be as well as what kind of processing the app would use and how it would store information. Students share with the class and where given the opportunity to answer questions from their peers.